Sensitiv Imago 535

Sensitiv Imago 530 - device for health estimation

About Sensitiv Imago 535

Description of the device for health screening

Machine Sensitive Imago® 535 is assembled meeting new quality management systemISO 9001 full adopted in 2013. The device has passed all required run-tests in countries of the EU. Medical factories management, manufacturing and scientific research works have been certified according to ISO 13485. The given model makes a logical extension of business class devices.

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Recent developments

Machine Sensitive Imago 535 is equivalent to European device 530. Their functionality is the same. The only distinctive feature consists in different requirements to device assembly. Engineering requirements for health testing devices in the USA fully correspond to those in the EU. With respect to the FDA norms, constituent elements of a device are under more strict control policy. Requirements to magnetic safety in the USA are different.

Current model for computer diagnostics is equipped with peripheral devices of the latest generation enabling to obtain maximally accurate and detailed information on the health state of an inspected. The devices is powered from 110 V electric network. Communication with the program is performed via drivers and interface USB type.

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